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ZappedIn Overview

Automated Campaign Creation

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Laser Targeting

Cloud Based Software

Security & Performance

Actionable Insights

Automated Campaign Creation

You can create multiple campaigns for different audiences and market segments. Create a whole cycle with automated messaging, without any limitations!

Schedule campaigns

Start, stop and run your outreach campaigns anytime. This is the key to maximizing your ROI and getting you the most results.

High converting templates

After years of doing LinkedIn Outreach, we know what works and you can access our growing list of high-converting templates; invites and sequences

Customize labels & tags

Follow up closely with all of your leads and keep track of the potential customers.

Unlimited campaigns

Run as many campaigns as you want. We believe AB testing is the key to any outreach success, which is why there's no limit for you here.

Dedicated support & Customer success manager

ZappedIn not only provides a tool for your marketing success, but also has a top notch 24/7 live chat and strategic advice from customer success manager.

Onboarding success

Detailed product tour and step by step written tutorial provided.

LinkedIn experts

Our team has collated data from thousands of campaigns and having conversations with thousands of customers, and we are here to provide advice to help you get results.

Strategic webinar and reviews

Regular webinars to keep growing your success, get more results and continually up your LinkedIn game.

FREE unlimited live chat support

There's no limit to how often you can connect with our live chat support or Customer Success Manager - take advantage of support when and talk to us anytime!

Support in your time zone

Our team of customer success managers are based throughout the globe and you can contact us 24/7, ensuring you have support that aligns with your business hours

Laser Targeting

Use ZappedIn to find, identify , expand your network and get more potential customers. Connect with your ideal audience, drive sales, share content and spend less time on Linkedin – all at the same time!

Advanced Filtering

Find your ideal customers in a sea of people by using hundreds of criteria so you can dramatically increase your success.

Data cleanse

Save hundreds of hours every month reviewing and updating the data from your prospect lists - our software uses artificial intelligence to cleanse your prospect lists, ensuring they’re ready to go and available to you at the click of a button.

LinkedIn Profile Viewer

Stay in front of your prospect's mind and show them you are interested in them by viewing their profile automatically.

Many ways to import target prospects

From basic LinkedIn search to Sales Navigator, Groups, Page Posts, we have multiple ways for you to create a campaign full of highly targeted prospects

Cloud Based Software

Using the #1 LinkedIn Automation Tool, you can generate more leads and engage with potential customers. It is a powerful tool for social selling on Linkedin that enables professionals to focus on their business instead of constantly messaging people.

Cloud-based software

100% hands-off your LinkedIn lead generation with the power and security of the 24/7 cloud network

Dedicated IP address

ZappedIn uses a dedicated IP address so your account stays safe and consistent in doing your automated outreach activities.

Linkedin safety features

The safety of your profile is the number one priority. We use our internal list of tips and tricks that we have gathered after years of our team's experience.

Recruiter and Sales Navigator

Our platform works with Premium, Recruiter and Sales Navigator accounts, offering you the best solution for whichever business you're in.

Mimic human behaviour

Auto scale function, random delays and intervals all help mimic human behaviour and reduce risk, so you can have full peace of mind and let us work hard for you!

Smart Inbox Chat

No need to jump back and forth between ZappedIn and your LinkedIn profile - respond to conversations from your prospects in your inbox right in our app

Security & Performance

Our team of world-class developers are always working on the latest technology to ensure you don’t have any security or performance issues.

GDPR Compliant

Build lead generation at scale in Europe without worrying about data protection and massive fines

Military grade security

Keep your data and account safe via enterprise level cloud servers and military-grade encryption

Always online

You don’t need to be online to have your campaign running - Powered by the cloud, ZappedIn ensures that you never waste any time outreaching new prospects on LinkedIn

Data backup

Reliable backup and quick recovery of all your lead gen campaigns with cloud-to-cloud backup

Actionable Insights

Discover the stats that matter and how to generate more leads by creating data optimized campagns

A/B Testing

Run multiple A/B tests and multi-variant experiments to see what resonates with your target ideal prospects, ensuring you’re continuously optimizing performance and getting the most results from your campagins


Our comprehensive analytics dashboard gives you the data you need, empowering you improve your lead generation strategy and conduct important market research

Compare campaign success

Easily compare your ideas and campaign test results to keep increasing results

Social selling metrics

Track how effective you are at establishing, engaging and building relationships, and properly measure the success to know what's working and what's not working

Data export

Easily export your data for what you need to use offline, anytime.