About ZappedIn

Our Mission Is To Empower Business Professionals By Simplifying And Automating Their Lead Generation​

We Are Your Lead Generation Partner

We Create Automation Systems To Help Business Professionals Get More Done In Less Time

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At ZappedIn, we strongly believe that no one knows your business like you do. That is why our philosophy is to empower you to the skills and resources necessary to get an edge over your competitors
During our onboarding process, we do a deep dive into understanding your brand, your industry, and your business goals. We then share our conversion-focused scripts on a personal level, all of which have helped our users generate thousands of quality conversations on LinkedIn.
We empower our customers with the scripts, the knowledge, and the tools to run our software. ZappedIn offers innovative LinkedIn automation tools that allow users to scale their LinkedIn messaging outreach.

Our Commitment To You


LinkedIn Lead Generation isn’t complex. In fact, with the right tools, it’s quite simple. Unlock the power of automated lead generation with ZappedIn’s revolutionary marketing software.

Supercharge Your Marketing

ZappedIn is more than just automated lead generation. We help business professionals manage their prospect conversations, LinkedIn marketing, personal branding and how to build robust and profitable relationships,


We view ourselves as your partner in LinkedIn marketing, not just a SaaS provider. Our done-with-you approach has worked for over 1,100 business professionals. We are confident that it can work for you too.

Exponential ROI

At the end of the day, our clients have signed up for our services and stayed on board because both our LinkedIn automation software and our marketing education and services offer an unmatched return on your investment.